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Electric concrete tested at US airport to melt snow

Two slabs of electrically conductive concrete have been installed at Des Moines International Airport in Iowa to melt snow and ice. The research team from Iowa State University said that if the test is successful, the…

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Researchers make wearable sensors for plants

Iowa State University plant Engineer Patrick Schnable quickly described how he measured the time it takes for two kinds of corn plants to move water from their roots, to their lower leaves and then to their upper…

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Could heated airport runways melt away your winter travel headaches?

There have been thousands of flight delays and cancellations due to winter weather this year, and it's only January. Not only that: snow and ice at airports can send planes skidding off slippery runways…

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Heated pavement tech could be travelers' dream come true

Iowa State engineers are testing heated pavement technology that could make icy airport runways a thing of the past. Halil Ceylan, a civil engineering professor, is spearheading the research, which is part…

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Iowa airports going green, saving on energy costs

When the next phase of a $50 million remodeling of the passenger terminal at the Eastern Iowa Airport is completed, 738 solar panels mounted on the roof will reduce energy costs along with a geothermal heating and…

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Winter is coming. What if roads and runways could de-ice themselves?

When Chris Tuan was a Department of Defense contractor in the early 1990s, the Air Force asked him to think of something that could de-ice its airfields around the world. Heavy cargo aircraft were landing on icy…

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Electric concrete at airports could save us all from winter flight delays

Every winter, icy and snowy runways cause hundreds of delays — or even cancelations — at airports across the country. But researchers at Iowa State may have discovered a new way for airports to keep runways completely free…

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Graduate students' startup makes a strong first impression

Akash Vidyadharan and Tyler Carter spent the first part of last summer applying for jobs in anticipation of receiving their master’s degree in the spring of 2017. For the second half of the summer, they worked on a project that…

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